• ​Access Downtown Miami landmarks with gratis hop-on, hop-off elevated ​rides through the city

The MetroMover is a throwback to the city’s storied Miami Vice era. First completed in 1986—and expanded eight years later—this two-line, driverless, electric light-rail system weaves and winds its way through the heart of Miami’s skyscraper-filled Downtown. Coursing over a total of 4.4 miles—and totally complimentary—the MetroMover is a great (and, mercifully, air-conditioned) way to see both the city’s Art Deco past and its architecturally impressive future without ever leaving the Brickell and Biscayne corridors. And it’s easy to access via 21 stations at major landmarks across Downtown. From the Conrad, hop on at the Brickell stop at Brickell and SW 1st and see landmarks such as the Deco-styled Du Pont Building and the neo-Moorish Freedom Tower. Transfer to the Omni Loop at College/Bayshore to head further north for selfie-worthy pics of the new Perez Art Museum Miami.

You can catch the MetroMover at 21 stations across downtown Miami, but we recommend hopping on at the Brickell stop at Brickell and SW 1st Street because this station is closest to the Conrad. Then, just ride the rail down its 4.4 mile track and enjoy the urban scenery.